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Tammy Cook-Searson, working hard for you in Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River

Tammy Cook-Searson is a strong leader with a proven track record.

With 22 years of experience as Chief and Councillor of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Tammy has served her community and has been a vocal advocate for the people of Northern Saskatchewan.

Tammy has deep roots here. She was born and raised on the family trapline close to Brabant Lake with her four siblings and her parents, Charlie and Miriam Cook. She also lived in Stanley Mission and Otter Lake.

Like her parents, Tammy attended residential school, then graduated from Churchill High School in LaRonge. She now resides with her husband Jim on the Lac La Ronge Indian Band reserve in La Ronge where they raised three children and a nephew. She also has three step children and six grandchildren. A fluent Cree speaker and one who practices a traditional lifestyle, Tammy has always shown her deep passion and determination to make a real difference for the people throughout Northern Saskatchewan.

Tammy has firsthand experience with the challenges that people face every day, and she understands the priorities and issues of Desnethé- Missinippi-Churchill River. As Chief, Cook-Searson is Chair of Kitsaki Development Corporation, a band owned consortium of several businesses.

She knows what it takes to create jobs and help Northern Saskatchewan prosper. As Member of Parliament, Tammy will continue to support the development of the north, so that it reaches its full potential.

Tammy has worked hard on issues of Education, Health, Housing, Treaty and Aboriginal rights as well as economic development and job creation; this will continue.

One example of Tammy’s ability to get results was evident when she secured funding for the $16.1 Million health and wellness center for the north. This funding was secured due to her leadership and advocacy with federal, provincial and municipal governments. Having a health and wellness center located in the north that addresses mental health, addictions, and abuse is a very important first step in helping our people.

When wildfires threatened our region, it took a concerted effort to bring together representatives of communities, municipalities, provincial and federal governments to make joint decisions, fight the fires, and evacuate our people. Tammy ensured that the public was kept up to date on the ongoing situation, through sharing information on those joint decisions, the changing fire conditions and evacuations.

Desnethé- Missinippi-Churchill River needs a trusted voice in government who will get things done. Tammy will travel to communities, be accessible to and communicate with people, while representing the diverse interests of the riding. She will continue to work hard to build a better future for all of us.

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